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Whats your name?
*Nur Farahin Binti Rosli

When is your birthday?

How do you feel right now
* I feel sleepy, class kul 8 kannn apa buleh buat -.-

What did you do on your birthday last year?
* mengucapkan katakata terima kasih pada sapa yang wish
dan mlm besday on FB tapi FB kene block, pfftt punye pmpn.

What about this year?
* harapharap lebih bermakna dari tahun tahun sebelum ini.

How do you relax?

Whats your favorite book?

Who was the last person to text you?
*si kurus Ejat Azmi

What about call you?
*Definitely Ejat Azmi <3

Who was your last ex?
* Ishh malaih nak sebut, cita lamaa

Have you ever been drunk?
*sy islam maaa, SORRY. not interested at all on drunk and drugs.

What did you wear last halloween?
*tak penah sambot punn

When did you last cry?
*Last Sunday. pagi2 buta org dok tidoq, aku sobsob sorangsorang

Are your parents still together?
*OF COZ laaa

Who did you last argue with?
*My beloved Ejat Azmi 

What time did you go to bed last night?

Who is your best friend?
*adda, puted, nadh, manda, ateyn, aicha, memey, pejah, sapok

Do you bite your nails?
*jarang jarang

What about toe nails?
*ishhh idok le teman

What are your hobbies?
*a lot

Have you ever watched the sun set?
*yes, I have. 

Where did last vacation to?

Whats your hair color?
*my hair color always changed, *depends on weather
sometimes red sometimes brown. HAHA, hebat kan XD

What are you wearing?
*baju kurung cotton berwarna biru

Do you wear makeup?
*eyeliner wajib

Do you get hayfever?
* nope

What music are you into?
*when i hear it, i feel no pain. Banyak sgt kalau nak list

Have you ever been out with your best friend’s ex?

Ever sneak out of your house?

What did you do today?
*As usual, pegy class lahh. Nama pun student.

What are you doing tomorrow?
*Rutin Harian.

Whats the last thing you ate?
*Chocolate Mars

Are you a forgiving person?
*Easy forgive but, hard to forget.

Are you mad at anyone right now?
*buat masa sekarang takde :) 

Are you talking to anyone while doing this?

Ever had a garage sale?
*Not yet

What is/was your school like?
*Teknik Brash, Ipoh

Describe your best friend?
*susah senang samasama

Do you like your partner’s family?
*yes I do

When did you last smile and why?
*last night, beselah msj ngn yg tersyg.

Have you ever cheated in a test?
*to be honest, yess. Tipu laa kalo kate tak

Are you scared of falling in love?
*err takot dikecewakan

Have you ever felt replaced?

Do you trust your friends?
*tgk kawan jugak laa

Do you like coffee?

Have you had kids?
*belum kawen, mana nak ada.

If not, do you want them?
*kalau ada rezeki, mesti la nak

Are you brainy
*dulu laaa skrg kuranggg

What was the last film you watched?
*Hantu Kak Limah Blik Rumah

Whats the time?
*9.24 a.m

How old are you going to be in 7 months?

Was yesterday better then today?
*tak boleh nak cakap laa, benda yang nak jadi mana nak tauu

When did you last see your mum?
*Last Sunday

Your dad?
*Same jawapan dgn yang atas.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
*Last jumpa 8.1 yang lalu, T.T

Do you smile often?
*Jyeahh ! ^.^

Do you collect anything?

Can you remember your dreams?

Do they come true?

Who would you kill right now if you could?
*my enemy

Where were you 4 hours ago?
*at my room, tido.

What song describes your life right now?
*never knew i needed-neyo

Whats your biggest regret?

Whats your body type?
*ask people around me

Do you have any scars?

What from?
*luka luka

What pets do you have?

Where do you get your music from?

Your most recent lie
*takpe lah dah kenyangg, padahal ...

A lie you tell yourself
*ieyn rosli ni kurus orangnya , >.<

You are embarrassed when you
*dimalukan oleh orang lain

The memory that still makes you laugh
*tak engat laaa

How you picture the end of the world
*take a sheet of paper, and color it. your own your life.

People you would like to see to take this :-*
-fariha chesat
-adeq iman amira
-nureen afiqah
-ekin noordin
-mimi ruslan
-anem ross
-maisarah malik

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